Lapas Grelhadas- Grilled Limpets

What are lapas you ask? They are limpets, a shellfish, think clams, but  with only one shell and so much better, they taste of the sea when eaten raw, right out of the shell. Perhaps eating a raw limpet is not your thing, then lapas grelhadas is sure to be! Easy to prepare, the lapas are grilled and served in their own shells; resulting in a savory, and divine dish. Great as a starter or as a lazy summer afternoon meal. I promise that you will enjoy this  Azorean delicacy.

Fresh Lapas
Butter, soft, I like salted
Garlic, minced
Massa de Malagueta or Piri Piri/Tabasco/Sriracha

Lemon Wedges

-Clean the lapas, removing any debris, sand etc.

-Next decide how you want to grill them, on the stove top, use a griddle or large frying pan, in the oven or BBQ use a large cookie sheet. They all work, and taste great!

-Carefully, arrange the lapas, shell down (cupped side down, this means the juices won’t spill out), on the pan, cookie sheet or griddle you will be using.

-Next on top of each lapa, one by one, add a pinch of the minced garlic and a knob butter to each one. Add as much "heat" as you like next, remember a little goes a long way.

-Next, no matter how you decide to cook them, you want a high heat!These cook in no time  -- as soon as they plump and pop out of their shell and the sauce sizzles around the edges, (5-8 minutes) they're done.(Do not overcook them because they will dry up and become chewy.)

- Serve hot, in the pan, with the lemon wedges and a side of good crusty bread for soaking up all the garlicky, buttery goodness.

** some minced parsley can also be added


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